Elena Lvova
author of Ekvilibro®
expert in human engineering
Hello! I welcome you and thank you for your interest. My name is Elena Lvova. I am the author of Ekvilibro. A person is the author of their own life. At every moment we make choices. The clues are right in front of us. We just need to open our hearts and allow ourselves to feel. Developing one's inner world is a vital necessity. It helps a person find meaning in life, inner support and enables the use of hidden potential abilities. I invite you on an exciting journey to yourself, to the world of boundless possibilities of internal resources.

Six years ago I thought I had succeeded in my inner work. As it turned out, at that moment I had only mastered the tip of the iceberg of consciousness. Then the period of exploring the shallow depths began. Later on I became a deep-sea diver, almost like an amphibian.

Today I look back with a smile and gratitude. Absolutely everything happened for the best. Every event, meeting, conflict, pain is a lesson in the curriculum of the School of Life. For what? To someday realize that a person has nothing but their life, absolutely nothing.

Ekvilibro is balance en esperanto language

Welcome to the journey to oneself,
to the world of endless possibilities of internal resources!
Happiness, peace, love, harmony begin within a person.
Inside a person there is a center of calm and tranquility, quiet peaceful joy, from which one can manage oneself.
A person is the most complex physical form on the planet, a sophisticated device. I can help you find the keys to yourself, establish inner connections, and suggest how to manage your resources. If a person sets up their internal mechanism, harnesses resources, there will be order in all areas of their life.
It is beneficial to be a conscious person. Life becomes enjoyable and interesting. This is the strongest period in a person's life. Freedom of creative thinking and self-assurance.
One day the flat, grey, dull world becomes multidimensional, revealing itself in a breathtaking palette of colors and a fantastic variety of scents, tastes, sensations. It just takes more energy to see, hear, perceive and feel all of this.
The word heals itself. You just need to open up to it, take a step towards it, do your part in the inner work.
Any more questions?
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  • Question:

    How did you come to create what you do?


    I graduated from a physical-mathematical school. I have a basic technical education from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, specializing in robotics. One day, I started to wonder how a human differs from a robot, how a system is updated, what limitations and possibilities exist. I thoroughly studied and fine-tuned my inner mechanism. A human is the most complex physical form on the planet, a sophisticated device. Sensory perception is often blocked by automatism and fears. It's like a broken device that can only read the simplest signals. People only think that they see, hear, touch, smell and think. For most people, these abilities are almost like superpowers.
  • Question:
    How does it work?
    Stress is a common problem for everyone, regardless of social status. There is one common solution. It is important to understand that stress is not caused by external factors. It is related to the fact that a person cannot control their body, mind, emotions and life energy. The external world may trigger it, but everything a person feels happens inside. Happiness and suffering, pleasure and sadness - the source of everything is within. If you want to make stress your ally, you need to adjust your internal mechanism.
  • Question:
    What can you teach?
    I can help you find the keys to yourself, establish internal connections and suggest how to manage your resources. My involvement lies in fine-tuning the internal engineering of a person, resulting in a change in perception. Why? For a long-lasting effect. According to feedback, life becomes more pleasant, stable and interesting. If a person tunes their internal mechanism, connects their resources, there will be complete order in all areas of their life.
  • Question:

    Do you offer to play?

    Yes, that's right. The uniqueness of my approach in working with you is that I don't need to know the details of your conflicts with managers, business partners, colleagues, or the specifics of your personal life to help you. Because that's the consequence, not the cause. Analogous to a photograph printed on paper. Each day of life consists of millions of such frames. It is sufficient to identify which photos did not turn out well, and to want to do things differently.

    Next, we will create a new frame together, launch a different internal impulse, change the processing process. Soft correction occurs at the level of causes. As a result, life quality improves. New photos with completely different content are produced.

    What will we do in our session? Play with words. Words have healing power on their own. By experiencing how it works, you will be able to use it independently in your daily life. The mastery of internal alchemy can only be passed on from hand to hand.