Elena Lvova
author of Ekvilibro®
expert in human engineering
Avanti is an ancient Indian kingdom, the birthplace of theater. Its patron deity is the beautiful goddess Sarasvati. The idea of harmonization and achieving spiritual balance was at the core of stage action. "Plants are like sisters to me", - exclaims the heroine. It's true. The essence of everything in this world is the same, the light that is in all.

Six years ago I thought I had succeeded in my inner work. As it turned out, at that moment I had only mastered the tip of the iceberg of consciousness. Then the period of exploring the shallow depths began. Later on I became a deep-sea diver, almost like an amphibian.

Today I look back with a smile and gratitude. Absolutely everything happened for the best. Every event, meeting, conflict, pain is a lesson in the curriculum of the School of Life. For what? To someday realize that a person has nothing but their life, absolutely nothing.
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Avanti ♡ Ekvilibro
You cannot change the world. It was, is, and will be. You can change your perception of the world. Life becomes pleasant and interesting. Just to live. Happiness, peace, love, harmony begin within a person.
Any more questions?
Feel free to ask elena.v.lvova@gmail.com