Elena Lvova
author of Ekvilibro®
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It is beneficial to be a conscious person. Life becomes enjoyable and interesting. This is the strongest period in a person’s life. Freedom of creative thinking and self-assurance.


for men and women


1️⃣ To realize the intention "Learn to love", everything is included in it. Compare your daily actions with it as a navigator.

2️⃣ Learn to act from a basic state of peace, quiet, calm joy. First, find such a state within yourself, then anchor yourself in it.

3️⃣ Look for reasons to be grateful. This is beneficial for yourself in the first place. Gratitude is an endless source of energy.

4️⃣ Learn, learn, and learn to observe. The observer position is top-notch, a winning position. You see everything at your fingertips.

5️⃣ Follow the path of the heart. Learn to listen to yourself. Choose with your mind in your heart. This makes life simpler and easier.

6️⃣ Give and receive benefits. The cycle of gifts in Nature. Everyone has abundance.

7️⃣ Rest and celebrate life. Life is an amazing divine gift. Everyone has the opportunity to feel the happiness of being human.

At the first stage, hone your skills based on the days of the week. Then experiment and mix abilities each day.

1️⃣ First day.
Sunday. Sun. The active masculine principle is inside every person.

Today it is useful to set an intention. My intention to “Learn to Love” has remained constant for two years since I first realized it. Everything is included in it: discovery, awareness and manifestation of the Spirit within oneself. The manifestation stage is limited only by life time. There are also numerous desires that I sometimes review.
How it works? Love, a powerful force, manifests itself only if a person agrees. Sincerely conscious intention works wonders. One day, fears begin to sound like an echo in the distance. Then they disappear completely along with anxiety, pride, guilt and shame. You are moving to another corridor of opportunity, where life is stable, pleasant and interesting.

2️⃣ The second day.
Monday. Moon. The passive feminine principle within each person.

Everything is built on energy that has a feminine nature. Today is a favorable time for synchronizing internal processes. It is useful to remember the intention and desires that you formulated yesterday, on the day of the Sun. Take a deep breath, tune in, mentally support yourself, and direct your inner forces towards realizing your intention and desires. Practice active actions from a state of inner peace. Activity and peace at the same time. You may not feel it immediately. For now, just believe that it is possible. One day you will be surprised and amazed by the state of goodness within yourself.

3️⃣ The third day. Tuesday.
Mars and Pluto.

Today it is helpful to start noticing self-care, signs of attention and support. After all, the Creator speaks to a person through people and the world around them. It only seems that there is nothing good and only a dark abyss. At some point, you receive invaluable gifts and abilities for which you do not have the capacity to accept and acknowledge. You feel like a random passenger. You think you have been confused with someone more deserving. You are restless and doubtful. You look for someone to “hang” your merits on. No, you have not been confused; the gifts, blessings, and opportunities are for you, the beloved child. It’s just that first, a person needs to learn to accept the little things with gratitude. Develop acceptance within yourself.

4️⃣ Fourth day. Wednesday.
Mercury and Uranus.

It may no longer surprise anyone that people have built-in software. Today is the time for a software update. It is useful to study, study and learn to observe. Look at yourself and others from the outside without judgment or criticism. To be aware means to observe, listen, see, feel. Act from the position of an observer. Over time, the database grows and the speed of information processing accelerates. You begin to see, hear volumetrically and focally at the same time. And it’s an amazing feeling.

5️⃣ Fifth day.
Thursday. Jupiter.

It’s time to test hypotheses and conduct experiments. “Observation – transformation – renewal” is a magic pill. Watch your reactions. Choose different ways to respond. Act differently. The main indicator is the state. How a person feels when alone or with others, whether there is peace within. After all, inner peace is a sign of consciousness in a person. You can ask yourself a simple question: “What is my heart telling me?” The human heart never lies. You just need to learn to listen to it.

6️⃣ Sixth day.
Friday. Venus and Neptune.

Today is a good time to remember hope. A person may find himself in such darkness from which he cannot get out. Not just below, but face down in the depths. So, God exists. If you don’t like this word, call it by any other name. This Power is everywhere, starting in the human heart. Just believe. Calmly and with dignity, ask within yourself to show the way, to support, to manifest. Express the intention “Learn to love.” Let go of expectations. One day you will be pleasantly surprised and delighted.

7️⃣ Seventh day.
Saturday. Saturn.

A long-awaited vacation. Time to celebrate life. It is called differently in different traditions. I like the word “Shabbat”. It is useful to devote the day to silence, communication with loved ones, cozy family gatherings, thinking about the meaning and quality of your life. Create an atmosphere of calm joy for yourself. Watch the dynamics of your condition. There are definitely improvements already. One day gratitude will become a feature of your life.


It is advantageous to be a conscious person. Living becomes pleasant and interesting. This is the most powerful period in a person's life. Freedom of creative thinking and self-assurance.
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